by Mother Mooch

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This Tempest 04:49
This Tempest Dissolution With an oath he'll break the sky For the new one If you've seen you won't ask why He knows the signs He knows the signs In the maelstrom Just a twinkle in his eye And we all know why Put your trust in a man like me You yourself deserve to be Erase yourself from memory Erase yourself from memory Erase erase erase erase And you don't care who knows how Union takes us, union bright Union makes us hold too tight All too simple can't be well Making dreamers cease to dwell And it won't be you tonight And it won't be you that sleeps so easy after You want a way to feel this So downhearted I feel left out There are no ways to feel this So downhearted I feel left out He's so he's so he's so He's so downhearted I feel left out He's so he's so he's so He's so downhearted I feel left out
Sinners 04:56
Sinners And it could have been And it could have been a case file And you should have seen And you should have seen your face Last night And you couldn't be And you couldn't be in love And I should have seen I should have seen it coming And you look at me And you look at me Your skin turns to ash at the sound of the telephone And you try to breathe And you beg of me To cleanse you your sins as you face into the unknown And you wait now And your soul you could have saved But my love for you doesn't cut it Only shaves And it's hard to see It's hard to see your reasons And you've seldom been A solitary boy And there's honesty And there's knowing when To keep to yourself with the wolves howling at the door But you came to me And I'll happily Correct your mistakes as you scrounge on my dirty floor And you wait now And your soul you'd better save And you ought to know your place
My Song 21 01:29
My Song 21 Lovely to meet you Turn on the nightlight They call him El Niño Well I'd never waste your time You said you know you're schizo And they won't believe their eyes You said there's something in it But I'm too late to apologize now it seems Admission aggression He slipped through your window He's coming to meet you now You said you know you're schizo And you cannot read my mind You're dancing on the limit line Just to take just to take you down Down So down And I'm so tired of waiting on you now Well I tried Well I lied But I'm so bored of waiting on you now He's gone out the back door You're lucky he likes you You'll never see him now You said you know you're schizo And there's something in your eyes and then You said you'd come to teach me how But I'm so tired
Into The Water You got it made when you said Into the water In many ways she's not to blame Uncutting maze of shredded days Into the water Up sitting inside on the trail You made it feel like skin and nails Into the water She'd slit her wrists with jagged blades Should escape So sick of feigning sympathy Into the water You can't remember what you did Insinuating with your ways Into the water Revision is a dirty thing Should escape What do you mean it's not my place What did you say to make me stay Should escape Take him And keep him And leave me Alone Take him And keep him And leave me
L.H.O.O.Q. 02:33
L.H.O.O.Q. Any plans to make your move? Any thoughts on how you'll prove it to yourself, your innocence? It's only me who knows what you're losing So believe the life that you're choosing is the best that you could have had You better think it over The Mona Lisa in your head And if I seem hungover It's 'cause I never went to bed Who's gonna smile for you instead? Call on me despite the illusion Following your nightly abusing of yourself with the past in hand She's not a queen disguising a ruse She doesn't even find you amusing underneath, when all she's thinking is "hai una ragazza?" You better think it over The Mona Lisa in your head And if I seem hungover It's 'cause I never went to bed Who's gonna smile for you instead?
Misery Hill 04:15
Misery Hill And I knew your grace is swifter skill Hallelujah laid your sister still In a brutal place she slipped her skin Where the mountain cradle stole her kin And I knew your face so prettily Like a new born makes a gift to be Can you crush a peach pit in your hand? Can the hour really make the man? And it's hubris takes it literally Any fool can see you're faltering Will the righteous brave halt hangman's stand? Can the hour really make the man? Can the hour really make the man? The mountain The mountain climbs
Hive Mind 04:51
Hive Mind Keen Eyed They pick up everything you see You'll get away with nothing here She's got a mouth He comes The wastrel He came inside your head He made you hate yourself And so did everybody else In life You get a taste of what you'd be The beggar posing as the king He's got a mouth He comes The wastrel He came inside your head He made you hate yourself And so did everybody else No man can keep his council No force should keep him safe No blessings for the wicked No grace for Jesus' sake And calm You celebrate the empty seed You got away with everything You've gotten out He comes The wastrel He came inside your head He made you hate yourself And so did everybody else


"Nocturnes is the debut full-length from Dublin five-piece Mother Mooch, and in its eight tracks, they set their footing in a genre-spanning aesthetic, pulling from slow-motion grunge, weighted heavy rock, psychedelic flourish and even a bit of punk on the shorter, upbeat “My Song 21” and “L.H.O.O.Q.” Those two tracks prove crucial departures in breaking up the proceedings and speak well of a penchant [...] toward sonic diversity. They bring a similar sensibility to the closing Lead Belly cover “Out on the Western Plain” as well, whereas cuts like opener “This Tempest,” “Into the Water” and “Misery Hill” work effectively to find a middle ground between the stylistic range at play. That impulse, seemingly innate to their songcraft, is what will allow them to continue to develop their personality as a band and is not to be understated in how pivotal it is to this first LP."
-The Obelisk (US)

"‘Nocturnes’ is an astounding album by a band that have so much potential to get recognised on a global scale. They are without a doubt one of the best bands on the Emerald Isle in the present day and this record is hard evidence to support such a claim. Their blend of psychedelia with grunge and stoner rock/doom is a highly sought after formula and Mother Mooch are keeping the secret closely guarded - and rightfully so."
- The Sludgelord (UK)

“The music flows seamlessly through grungy Alice in Chains-style vocals, up-beat Venom-esque tempos, and groovy psychedelic solos. This dynamic team manages these musical strains with a finesse that I ultimately found quite pleasing. Mother Mooch has a broad appeal. A full spectrum of heavy music — from psychedelia to doom to grunge—wrapped up in one beautiful package.
- Doomed & Stoned (US)

"Behind the relatively simple song structure there’s a concentrated effort of arrangement and technique, and behind the forceful vocal delivery there’s a dedication to honest storytelling. This may be, in fact, why ‘Nocturnes’ manages so successfully to conjure up such a melancholy, introspective atmosphere across its eight tracks."
GoldenPlec (IRL)

“...a desert blues that oozes ominously from the speakers”
- Hot Press Magazine (IRL)

"A diverse musical feast... One of the best female vocal performances of the last year"
More Fuzz (FR)

"[A] wonderful and weird sounding mix of Psych, Desert Rock, Blues, Grunge and Stoner Rock given a trippy modern makeover."
Outlaws of the Sun (UK)

"It is the group effort that makes Mother Mooch who they are. I believe their strong suit is serving the song like many of their 90's elders did."
- Stoner HiVe (De)

"This is a diverse and dramatic debut by Mother Mooch that has a lot to offer. They’ve taken samples of punk, shoegaze, psychedelic, alternative and mainstream rock and fused them all together to forge a sound that’s simultaneously singular and familiar. The outcome is a melodic and multifaceted album that will appeal to a wide array of listeners."
- Pure M (IRL)

"Some of you may have caught on to the band earlier this year with their killer 3-song sampler release "Preludes".... the full-length has finally arrived and it does not disappoint. The band has a "classic rock" sound that blends many different styles from heavy psych to 90's grunge. That artwork is astonishing!"
- Heavy Planet (US)

"Amazing 90s worship"
- Metal Ireland (IRL)

"Mother Mooch are a rare breed among Irish bands in terms of the brand of rock they create, an island of proper hard rock in a sea of indie, folk and electronica."
- Remy's Music and Film Blog (IRL)

“Exceptional artwork… impeccable production. .. excellent first [effort] from the highly promising Mother Mooch.”
- Phantasmagoria (GR)

"..a small bomb into the psychedelic universe… 'Nocturnes' has to a lot to offer: energy and rawness - bundled in feverish songs. Discover it ... now, old scrounger."
- (DE)

"'Nocturnes' was completely self-produced by the band and they couldn’t have done a better job. It’s very professional sounding for a debut and they’ve maintained an organic sound. The band throw enough at the listener to keep them entertained for the 30 minute duration, delivering a solid slab of heavy rock music."
- Shredload (IRL)


released November 13, 2015

Chloë Ní Dhúada: Vocals
Sid Daly: Guitar, backing vocals.
Farl: Guitar
Danni Nolan: Drums
Barry Hayden: Bass

Songs 1-7 written by Mother Mooch (Daly, Farrell, Ní Dhúada, Nolan, Hayden)
Songs 1-7 lyrics by Chloë Ní Dhúada
Song 8: Lyrics by Huddie Ledbetter. Arrangement by Mother Mooch (Daly, Farrell, Ní Dhúada, Nolan, Hayden) (When The Boys Were on The Western Plain - Copyright Folkways Music Publishing Inc. under license to Mother Mooch)

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Gary Duncan at Red Lake Sound Studios.
Produced by Mother Mooch and Gary Duncan.
Cover artwork: Illustrations by Emmett Mulligan
Design and layout: Olga Milejska/Red Squirrel Design

Copyright 2015 Mother Mooch


all rights reserved



Mother Mooch Dublin, Ireland

Mother Mooch are a five-piece heavy psych band from Dublin, Ireland. "Psychedelic doom-grunge" is the best description they've heard of their music to date

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